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Renter’s Insurance for Tenants

Renter’s insurance is designed specifically for people renting property. A common mistake for renters is the assumption they do not require homeowner’s insurance because they do not own the home; however, renters may experience losses not covered by the policy carried by the property owner. Please contact your insurance agent to discuss policies and options that best fit your needs. If you do not have an insurance agent, we will be happy to suggest local insurance agents who carry renters insurance.

Personal Property

It is the responsibility of the individual tenant to obtain renter’s insurance to cover their personal possessions. The property owner’s policy does not cover personal property belonging to the renter. This exclusion of your property includes, but is not limited to, such events as fire or theft.

Types of Losses

Renter’s insurance will cover your personal property in the event of a fire or theft, as well as a range of other losses or events. Coverage for damage caused by earth movement or flood must be purchased in addition to your policy. Most policies provide coverage for damage due to windstorms, hail, vandalism, riots, civil disturbance, volcanoes, and explosions. Please contact your insurance agent to discuss your specific policy and options.

Category Limits

Renter’s insurance sets limits of coverage of some categories of personal property such as jewelry, silverware, and collectibles. Contact your insurance agent to confirm what categories may have limited coverage. Should the value of your property exceed standard limits, you may choose to increase the coverage of your renter’s policy, or insure certain items separately.


Owner’s policies cover their liability only, they do not cover the renter’s liability. Renter’s insurance covers your liability, within limits, assuming the loss was not intentional. Liability coverage is not limited to damage to your property, or that belonging to others, if an event occurs at your residence. Legal defense expenses and your personal liability outside the home are also generally covered.


You may qualify for a multiple-policy discount if you purchase your renters insurance from the same company that you have automobile insurance with. Other savings are available through some carriers if your residence is equipped with deadbolt locks, a fire extinguisher, and/or a security alarm.

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