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We know that as an owner, your rental property represents a large financial commitment. Here at Tyre Property Management, we take our role in managing your property very seriously. Our main goals are to help you maximize your profits and make sure our services are valuable to you.

We work our hardest to bring you the best renters possible through our rigorous screening process. Then we will ask the qualified rental applicant to sign a lease with us for one year, unless you have instructed us a shorter term is agreeable, and collect the appropriate security deposit at the time. However, even with our best efforts, sometimes things happen. Tenants can sometimes be unpredictable and situations can lead to an early eviction, which is why we offer our Guaranteed Lease Program.

With the Tyre Property Management Guaranteed Lease Program, if you have to evict a tenant or terminate the Residential Rental Agreement due to the tenant’s default within the first 180 days after commencement of the Residential Rental Agreement, we will procure an acceptable replacement tenant without charge or commission.

Now that’s peace of mind! If you’d like to learn more use the contact form below and we’ll be happy to share more details.


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